Inline Square Centrifugal Fan - ISQ

Airflow Range: 600~50,000 m³/h (353~29,412 CFM)
Static Pressure Range: 500~900 Pa (2~3.61 in.WG)
Drive Types: Direct/ Belt drive
Mounting Types: Base mounted/ Ceiling hung/ Duct mounted
Applications: Ducted air supply and exhaust / Filtered air supply and exhaust / Sound-proof fan box / Explosion-proof air supply and exhaust / Smoke remova



  • New Wheel Design
    • -- Excellent sound and air performance.
    • -- Wide performance range of high efficiency and non-overloading.
    • -- The balance quality grade as high as G2.5 (Just G6.3 for general products).
  • Air Performance Design
  • -- Optimized design through CFD flow field simulation and repeated tests.
  • -- The front disc and inlet cone in conformity with flow field characteristics.
  • -- Flow passages control: airflow regulated well through precise synergy.
  • -- Optimized mounting angle for blades.
  • Structural Design
  • -- Stress analysis by FEA method for better performance.
  • -- Various additional strengthening for different specifications for greater reliability.
  • -- Riveting technology used to avoid stress.
  • Wheel Improved
    • -- Continuous Improvement: upgraded to the 4th generation of wheel.
    • -- Compared with the 3rd generation: overall performance improved by 5-10%.
    • -- Compared with the 3rd generation: overall sound level reduced by 2-3 dB(A).
  • Advanced Process
    • -- Wheel cone and inlet cone formed by spinning to ensure good air performance.
    • -- Inlet cone: replacing the inlet bell to ensure smooth airflow.
    • -- Blades: formed by punching to ensure quality.
    • -- Tooling: dedicated fixtures to ensure the precise mounting position of blades.
    • Feature
  • Wide Performance Range and More Economical 
  • -- The 4th generation of centrifugal Wind-Surfer wheel possessing a wider pressure scope and lower sound compared with the 3rd generation.
  • -- The wheel diameter as long as one meter, requiring fewer fans and lower primary investment.
  • -- No scroll needed and the fan size reduced, making installation easier. 
  • Sound Solution: Centrifugal Inline Type
  • -- Fundamental difference from axial/mixed flow types: speed reduced by 20-30%.
  • -- Range of sound pressure level down by 10-15 dB(A).
  • -- A fundamental solution to sound. 
  • No Scroll
  • -- Air directly pressurized in wheel and airflow pattern improved.
  • -- Direct drive and dust-free: suitable for clean rooms in microelectronics, food and medical industries.
  • AMCA Seal: for Sound and Air Performance 
  • -- ISQ fans certified by AMCA for Sound and Air Performance.
  • -- AMCA Seal for Sound and Air Performance tagged on fans. 
  • Square Design with Different Discharge Direction Options: Mounting Costs Reduced 
  • -- Square inlet/outlet flanged sleeve: connector and ring flange now not used.
  • -- Lower air duct connection costs and faster installation.
  • -- Different mounting positions available for the motor.
  • -- Different discharge positions: ease of design and installation.
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